About Us

mumdad (2)

Hi there I'm Hilda, Mark and I have always worked in the service industry. In the years I have worked I always believe in offering outstanding service and looking in depth at what clients actually require and making sure the service in return is exceptional.

Georgia my daughter has her Diploma in Primary Teaching and has been Working as a hair stylist and has always helped out with paws@peace but now has decided to work for us full time. Her love for animals has drawn her to this career seeing the love people have for their animals and understanding how much a a great loss it is to loose them.

Mark my husband is retired and often is helping out behind the scenes. When myself or Georgia are busy he takes over the running of paws@peace.

On our property we have 6 cows, 3 horses, 3 Ponies, 4 dogs, 1 cat, 4 Chickens and too many Gold Fish! We adore our pets and very much consider them to be part of our family. We have lost other family pets over the years, from horses to goldfish. With this loss, we often wanted to have these pets buried at their favorite place where they always relaxed, slept and sunned themselves. At the time we never thought we would move and have to leave them behind.

As pet owners ourselves, we realize what an important role pets play in our lives, and want them to be loved and respected to the very end of their life journey. We want to make sure beloved pets receive a peaceful farewell and offer grieving family members support during a difficult time. We can also provide beautiful remembrance items if you wish to preserve part or all of your pet's ashes.