What are the choices?

The best reason of all for a cremtation is to be able to take your beloved pet to any destination you choose to live. Its nice to have them close by or to be able to choose where their final resting place will be.

What is Cremation?

All of our cremations are individually carried out in a purpose built pet cremation chamber. The extremely high temperature of this furnice reduces the body back to its basic elelments and in turn to ash.

Will I get back all the remains?

Yes, every pet is cremated individually and will be returned in it's entirity.

What can be cremated?

Any type of pet from a Goldfish to a Great Dane.

Can the process be viewed?

Sorry but no. We are happy for you to bring your loved one out to us but with OSH regulations we ask you to then leave until the process is completed and they are ready for home. We have a door to door service that is usually always available within day working hours.