Cremation Costs

The cremation costs are related to the weight of your pet. This price includes your loved one returning in one of our lovely Scatter Tubes. The tube is completely biodegradable if you wish to just bury in the favorite spot or by scattering wherever you wish. You do not need to Scatter the Ashes if you do not wish, the Scatter Tube is perfect for in the home as well. There are options for how you wish the ashes to be returned, please see our products page for details.

Children's FriendsPOA
Up to 5kg$205
Up to 5- 10kg$240
Up to 11-20kg$280
Up to 21-30kg$305
Up to 31-40kg$330
Up to 41-60kg$370
Over 61kg"$370 plus $3 per extra kg

All prices GST Inc.

Children's Little Friends
We offer even the smallest animal cremations - goldfish, guinea pigs.
More information

Please note the cremation costs need to be pre paid upon collection of the pet. There are options for how you wish the ashes to be returned. Please look at the product list for indication of available options and prices attached.