Welcome to paws@peace

paws@peace operating for now 8 Years as a family owned business based at our home property in Hamurana, Rotorua. My name is Hilda, and my husband Mark and daughter Georgia run the business together. We offer a unique service, looking after pets for the family members at a very sad time with the loss of a precious life. We are also the ONLY operating Pet Cremation facility in the BOP area, with purpose built Pet Cremation Machines.

We service across Rotorua and all the BOP area. It is a free door to door collection in the Rotorua area, whether from home or a Vet Clinic.

We guarantee your loved one will only be 2-3days with us, as it is important that we get them home to you as soon as we can.

Our aim is to make this time of loss both personal and peaceful from start to finish, by making this to be a time of devotion and remembrance to your beloved pet.

The cremation service is an individual service, and we offer remembrance items for the remains of your beloved pet to take them on their final journey to wherever you choose that to be.

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